DICKY DEEGAN - Uilleann Piper 

Biographie :

Uilleann Piper Dicky Deegan was born in Hitchin, North of London, to Irish parents (father-Emo, Co. Laoise; mother-Adamstown, Co. Wexford) and first attended Traditional Irish Music lessons at St Josephs, Luton and the Irish Centre, Camden Town, London, in the mid 1970’s.

The tutors were Paul Gallagher (flute) and Brendan Mulkere (fiddle).

In October 1981 Dicky left the Northern Hemisphere for Australia. It was at the 1983 Longford Folk Festival that he heard his first set of narrow-bore Union/Uilleann Pipes – an 1820’s full Harrington set in the key of C played by master pipe maker himself, Geoff Woofe. Dicky’s first set was received early the next year, a Woofe practice set in the key of Bb.

During this same year, 1984, an old lady in Hobart Town, Tasmania, was clearing out her attic on the sad occasion of her husbands passing. Amongst the artefacts was a long old box. Upon opening, the 5ft box was found to contain an odd looking pipe-like instrument.